Stress management

Who is this coaching for?

  • Are you experiencing tensions and conflicts at work?
  • You are overloaded with tasks at work and in your daily life and you feel overwhelmed, or even guilty because you can’t accomplish them
  • You are no longer motivated at work because you do not feel recognized for all the tasks you perform
  • You are irritable and see everything in black
  • You have difficulty concentrating
  • You feel anxious, sad, melancholic and you have the impression that life is against you
  • You even have trouble falling asleep because you think a lot before falling asleep

If one or more of the items on the list above speak to you, then this coaching is for you.

My support

First of all, I accompany you with breathing and relaxation techniques. I bring you great relief and perspective in order to limit the effects of stress.

Then I explain to you what stress causes in you emotionally and physically. I help you to identify these traumas and to manage them in order to free yourself from their grip.

Together we identify the origin of stress. I teach you to recognize it when it arises, to react in the right way, and to take a step back from the situations that provoke it.

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