Case Studies

Important note

The cases mentioned below are just a few examples of treatments I have carried out.

Case N°1

Danièle, 78 years old, France, suffered from a stabbing back pain that prevented her from sleeping and was very disabling in her daily life.

She spent all her time with osteopaths, doctors and specialists of all kinds, who relieved her at the time, with the help of anti-inflammatory drugs. Unfortunately, the pain returned after a few days. She decided, on the recommendation of a friend, to call me for energy healing.

Daniele lives far from Geneva, that’s why I offered to give her a remote treatment. I explained her that she needed to have her energies fully unlocked to circulate more freely and thus relieve the pain.

The next day, she told me that her pain had greatly decreased. Only a little discomfort remained. I explained to her that it would take at least 3 weeks to a month before the energies would finish their work. But in her case, after one week the pain had already disappeared.

Case N°2

Deon, 61 years old, South Africa, was suffering from severe pain in his intestines (with all the inconveniences that go with it), and had just come back from an X-ray consultation with his specialist who told him that he did not understand what was wrong. No pathology was apparent.

Deon had been working with me in an international organisation in Geneva before my career transition. He called me in distress to explain his problem. I told him that, very often, intestinal problems are caused by unexpressed emotions. I suggested that he should receive a distance treatment and do a little work on his own.

He contacted me the next day. He was delighted because the pain had greatly diminished. Two weeks later, he told me that he was starting to practice activities that he had given up and that his quality of life had improved significantly.

Case N°3

Anne, 53 years old, France, had been suffering from insomnia for a year. She slept only one to two hours and only in the early morning. Naturally, she was exhausted and could no longer concentrate. She was often in a terrible mood.

She came to me for a face-to-face treatment and told me a few days later that she was now able to sleep 6 to 7 hours in a row. After a month, her problem reappeared with less intensity. She came to see me for a second treatment which definitively resolved her insomnia problem.

Case N°4

Princess, a 20 year old cat, was found, after a short stay in Paris, by her owners, in the garden of their house. The animal was paralysed in her back legs. She did not move, did not feed and naturally relieved herself in place.

Her owners had a B&B near Arles (in the south of France) where I was going that year to spend a few days. Claudine, her owner, was a bit reluctant to take Princess to the vet. Her cat was old and she was afraid the vet would euthanise her. Even though it was not a question of a miracle, I explained to her that a treatment with energies could help her to get better. She then asked me to do a treatment for Princess.

The next morning, Princess ate her food and started to move around, dragging her back legs but with such energy, it was clear that the pain had clearly dissipated!

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