To get rid of physical pain, depression, burnout, stress, and distressing emotions.

Magnetism and energy healing , at home (to you or to me) or distance session

If you experience a feeling of great fatigue, an amplification of the problem, the appearance of new pain, or the emergence of old symptoms, despite the discomfort that this represents, all these signs are rather positive. They tell you that with the supply of energy during the session, your regenerative capacities are activated or amplified and that your body is freeing itself from these problems (emotional or physical) as well as what is at their origin. Consider drinking water regularly, resting, and being kind to yourself. Either way, it shouldn’t last more than three days.

Beyond this period, if the discomfort persists, you can contact me, if you feel the need, in order to make a new appointment to carry out another session. This will allow you to go to the end of the cleansing and release process.

Moreover, to work on a specific problem, it may be interesting for you to have several consecutive sessions separated by about three weeks from each other.

If you have any additional questions, do not hesitate to contact me at: +41 78 207 5041 or +33 685 698 741 or at the following email address:

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